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  • Proscenium  is 10.6 meters wide x 4.5 high
  • Stage Depth curtain to Cyc approx. 6 meters
  • Curtain to front row approx. 2.5 meter usable space with the pit covered (pit only uncovered when required)
  • LX desk is Theatrelight Cue Master 120 and/or 2 universe Lightfactory, with midicon wing and touch screen
  • House rig consists of 60 mark 1 theatrelight with dmx to TL serial decoders. via dmx splitter. There are another 20 dimmers available (address 121 thru 140)
  • Houselights controlled by stand alone dimmers (operated from backstage or rear of auditorium)
  • There are 2 PDL 56 power outlets Stage Left on platform. Note all these are feed via 63 amp/phase.
  • Basic Rig
  • FOH Truss is 10 mtr quad truss (electric chain hoist)
  • LX 1  10 mtr Global quad truss on hand chain blocks
  • LX 2  10 mtr Global quad truss on hand chain blocks  
  • LX 3  10 mtr Global quad truss on hand chain blocks
  • LX 4  10 mtr Global quad truss on hand chain blocks
Please be aware of our current access and backstage areas - access to the stage is via the orchestra pit or stairwells - maximum width 2.1 meters
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