The Mayfair Theatre Charitable Trust believes that the theatre has a positive future providing
  • An accessible and affordable community theatre
  • A learning environment offering experiences in which to build performance skills and confidence and an interest in the theatre,
  • An intimate venue for local and touring performances.
A staged redevelopment is proposed
The immediate priority is the regulatory work including addressing access, services and structural requirements.
Later stages have been determined to progressively upgrade and improve the functionality of the theatre.

The stages include the following
  • Undertaking sufficient work to address safety issues and building code requirements
  • Installation of a passenger lift
  • Improvement of toilet facilities
  • Earthquake strengthening and fire protection
  • Improvements to heating
  • Improvements and refurbishment to foyers, dressing rooms etc
  • Weatherproofing the exterior
  • Improved access to the stage
  • Seating upgrade and auditorium restoration and repaint
Read the reports we've commissioned over the years regarding the development below.

Mayfair Theatre Feasibility Study - OCTA Project Management May 2017
Mayfair Theatre Conservation Plan - Origin Consultants May 2018
Mayfair Theatre Feasibility Exploration - Origin Consultants October 2018
If you or your business would like to get involved and help us with the redevelopment please contact us here detailing how you can help.

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